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JCO's Pyramid of Excellence.
We specialize in business and management communication skills.
We've been working since 2006 to increase effectiveness in the workplace.



“Because of my position, I think this was probably the most valuable job-applicable training I have taken in the 11 years since I started working in a professional finance role. I am not exaggerating! Since everyone I report up to is Japanese ... I think this course has already helped me immensely in understanding their communication styles and how and why things work.” - J. Nichol, works at a European HQ of a multinational Japanese electronics company

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Working with Japanese

At Japan Consulting Office, we've been working since 2006 to increase effectiveness in the workplace through overcoming cultural differences between Europeans and Japanese. We offer in-house and open business seminars worldwide. To read more of our practical tips, please visit our blog Japanese Business Culture.

What makes us different?

  • We are business people training business people, which means your trainer knows the subject from personal experience of business cultures, as a business person, not just a trainer;
  • We use our experience and realistic cases drawn from the real world of business across cultures: you can trust us to connect the training to the reality of everyday work;
  • We offer our seminars in many languages: all colleagues can participate fully;
  • We are specialists in the Japan/Europe nexus: you will get the depth that comes with specialization.

Did you know?

JCO has been selected by the European Union to support European small and medium-sized enterprises in working with Japanese partner companies.

In-house seminars

Our company specific trainings can be tailored to your needs.

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